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The good news is that I’ve learned how to crash

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And my new team kit is fine.
And my bike is fine.
And I was riding well and have been feeling strong.
And I rolled with it and tucked my hands; my wrist is fine.

The bad news is that the Conte’s Tuesday night ride is still as treacherous as ever. I’m talking absolute nightmare amounts of danger. How there hasn’t been a death, I don’t know.

Guy in front of me takes a corner too fast (not the first to do so), loses control (the first to do so), takes out the guy behind him, I do my best to miss that guy, but can’t manage, and I’m down. Immediate thought: “Oh shit, my wrist.” Tucked it, landed on my elbow, and rolled. My glasses fly off as does my water bottle. Car behind us doesn’t pause for a moment for us to gather our things and selves and drives right over my glasses. Classy. Other damage is a pretty bloody, but shallow gash on my finger, a bloody pinky, and some light strawberry up my left arm.

So I’m done with that ride for good. And I need a new pair of glasses. Luckily, I have a collection of old pairs, but I liked the new me. Unfortunately, they were some Costco specials so I likely won’t be able to locate them again. Fortunately, I have my prescription and can just hop on Warby Parker.

Hurray for more healing… I can never seem to get enough of it. Side hurray for all the Vicodin I didn’t take for my wrist, which is all except for a day’s worth.

Montreal on my mind

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Notre Dame

A prompt trip recap? Unheard of! Yes, my Japanese recap is still in note form… I went there in 2005.

I went to Montreal this past weekend for what was the final bachelor party in my group for the foreseeable future. There’s still one to go, but, well, Jakedog. To recount the trips over the years: Vegas (twice, I think? They tend to blur together), New Orleans (twice, including mine), Louisville, Miami… I have to be missing some because there are more than six of us. Oh well. Suffice to say, there’s been a lot of travel and debauchery from these over the past few years, and while I’m sad to see it end, I’ll also welcome the extra few $k in my bank account each year. Someone did the math on the total cost of them all over the years and it was fairly sickening. We’ll just say I’d have been close to that mid-90s 911 I’ve been wanting.

Anyway, Montreal. Not a place I’d visit otherwise (saying that after visiting… before visiting, I would have probably planned a trip at some point). I think the most accurate description we came up for it was “Pittsburgh with better looking women.” It was dirty, there was only about an hour’s worth of charm, meth-heads down every alley… Not to say I didn’t have a good time, but it wasn’t the pretty little slice of Europe that I had expected.

We stayed at an absolutely horrible hotel, ate some great food (it does have that going for it) at Kantapia (Korean quick lunch), Place Milton (cafe/brunch), Les Deux Gamins (French dinner), and Gibby’s (steakhouse). There were a few other spots sprinkled in, but they’re not worth mentioning. I would recommend all that I listed.

Hanging with Seth Meyers

The morning after the first night, which was a quiet one since only a handful of the full crew were in town at that time, I went for a run. Made my way over to Old Montreal to see Notre Dame, the port, some old buildings, and was able to add a few flowers to my collection [1 & 2]. I love running in new cities. A lot. Later that day, we hiked up Mont Royal, which was very cool. A pretty steep hike, but it offered a panoramic view of the city just a couple blocks from downtown. [Gallery]

The rest of the trip was partying and laying in bed to recover. Good times, as always.

Some parting thoughts on Montreal:

  • The fact that they speak French and English is very weird. Often times, folks will greet you in both languages (“Bonjour good morning” [no comma]). I didn’t know if they’d rather me butcher my way through a conversation in French [like they would in Paris] or just get it done in English. I opted for English most of the time unless I knew the conversation would be a simple one (cashiers, ticket checkers at the airport, etc.). I wish they didn’t speak English at all because French is so beautiful and would add an air of sexiness to the place. Note: They do protect the French language, but I approve of protecting it more.
  • Aside from the few downtown spots mentioned, I didn’t see anything of the city. That said, a quick bit of research said there wasn’t much. I feel safe in telling you that Montreal is not a place to schedule a vacation around and it’s too expensive (see my Facebook post regarding the countless surcharges and taxes on my airfare) for a quick weekend.
  • I did have an Alexander Keith’s IPA per Chris‘ recommendation. It was good, but reminded me more of a higher quality American pilsner than anything else.
  • The women are beautiful, and not only the strippers (they were too). The ordinary woman has some European sexy flair to her that’s difficult to describe.

Happy marriage, Craig! It was a blast to see you off.

… it will also be a blast to see off this 10+ pounds I’ve added since breaking my wrist. Race to lose 15 STARTING NOW!

I did TWO push-ups

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It’s not much and they’re somewhat ugly and very difficult, but it’s progress.

In other news, I’ve run a handful of races over the past month or so. A pair of 5Ks and a pair of trail four milers. My times have been pretty bad (luckily, I’ve stayed under 20:00), but the weather has been even worse. Using the generally accepted figure of 8s/mi/5 degrees, I’m pretty pleased; just a hair off where I was in May.

Training has been a bit abbreviated as my wrist simply isn’t up for more, but this week I’ve stepped it up quite a bit. My legs and lungs are fine, but the wrist is telling me to back off so I’ll take tomorrow easy and finally get back out on a group ride on Saturday.

Hurray for progress!

Giving Twitter another go

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This will be the third time I give it a shot. I usually last a few days, cannot grasp the point, and go away for a few years. I’m making a conscious attempt to grow myself professionally this year, and it seems it is one of the best tools for seeing what folks in my industry are up to. Will it last? Nobody knows, but for now, you can find me @iammikedotorg. I even put some effort into that widget over on the top of the navigation column. Dig it?