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Some moving updates

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in General | 0 comments

A few items worth note since the last report:

  • We’ve hired movers. We’ll do the packing, but figured it was worth the ~$1200 extra (the cost of gas makes moving yourself pretty costly) to enjoy our trip and have our valuables insured.
  • Our move date is September 30. We won’t necessarily be out of town by then, but we do need to be in Portland (2800 miles away) by October 10th.
  • We are not renting a place until we get there. We’ll drive straight to an extended stay hotel type thing. We decided it was easier than attempting to rent something from across the country AND this had the added bonus of not having to start payment on October 1st.
  • Our items will go straight to storage and stay there until we find a home for purchase.
  • We will be having a going-away gathering at the Westover Beer Garden on Saturday, September 28th from 5PM until we decide to stumble home. Anyone and everyone is welcome; we’d love to see you!