2014 Race for Hope 5K

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This year marked our 4th Race for Hope. This being the 7th year it has been held, we’ve now been to more than not. That’s neat. Edit: 17th year. I’m bad at reading. We had a pretty big team this year and raised over $2000. Was great to see all the friends, family, and “family” out to show their support.

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I’ve not had a great off-season or on-season of training so I knew I wouldn’t be besting my 18:25 from last year. Things are coming around training-wise, but definitely not at full speed yet. A short run at 6-minute mile pace yesterday confirmed it, but I was still going to go out at that pace and see what happened.

Unfortunately, I forgot my GPS watch in my bag so was stuck using my phone for pacing and timing duties. Not ideal, but it should do a decent job. Following the line-up and survivors’ walk, we were off. Based on experience with this race, I knew a ton of traffic lined up at the front and would slow me down so I got very near the front, which resulted in only a few elbows and a second or two lost. I got into what seemed like a good pace (my app is pretty inaccurate for current pace), and went…

Through Mile 1 in 5:55. Alright! Except I knew I couldn’t keep it up. I was running next to a younger kid who was staying with me, but varying his pace wildly. Always annoying. He fell apart, but had one of those great strides that you know has potential; I’m sure he’ll crush me in years to come as he matures, but I digress.

During Mile 2, we did an interesting thing… NOT TURN WHERE WE USED TO. New course. Ungh. I loved the old course. The new course is probably a little more scenic, but when you know a course like the back of your hand, it helps. It was mildly windy and the new route put us in it more. Bummer. I could tell folks were getting gassed and knew Mile 2 is where you pick up the spots because typically nobody has anything left for Mile 3 (except for me last year). Made a little push, got a handful of folks, and through the 2nd mile in a race time of 12:10 (6:15 mile).

And then my lack of training kicked in. Mile 3 was tough. My form went away, I got passed by two guys, and knew I had nothing left. There was one guy closing on me late and I even waved him by to let him know I was done, but apparently he was even more done and I was able to keep him at bay. Through Mile 3 in… I don’t know. Probably another 6:15 or so. And then a final little push to the end to finish in 19:15. I think the course was a little long as my GPS says the 5k went by in 18:55, but it could have been my phone measuring wrong. Either way, I’m pretty pleased.

The results have me where I recrossed the line later with Mom, but I’ve submitted a correction that will get me 23rd place (edit: 22nd), 3rd in age group, and 1st from Oregon 😉 Next year I’ll have to get back in the Top 20 and find that sub-18 I’ve been searching for. No moving, no injuries… Let’s do this.

I shouldn’t fail to mention that my eagled-eyed wife spotted Fred Armisen (guy from Portlandia) at The Willard! What are the chances of bumping into him in DC rather than Portland? Funny stuff. I regret not shaking his hand as he hopped into his cab.

On our way to NC now! Vacation!!! Thanks again to everyone who came out and/or contributed! See you next year!

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