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Is this thing on?

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I’m always hesitant to update website software. When I built this version of the site back in 2012 I did a whole lot of customization on the backend. For that reason, I never updated the software running it. I work in software… I know how messy upgrading can be. The core was two major versions old and every plugin was due for an update too. I’m so far behind that the mobile editing application no longer works properly – the final straw. Today was the day. Performed a quick backup of everything, tapped a few buttons, and VOILA! Within a few minutes we’re in the now. I don’t see anything obviously broken, but please let me know if you uncover issues. Navigation, comments, and general layout stuff would be the most likely places to find bugs.

Day 8

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Days 123456, and 7 also available.

Just a pic. Chin scab coming off.


Day 7

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Days 12345, and 6 also available.

Well, I lied. For my own sake I think I’d like to keep up with the daily pictures and updates.

I just took my last antibiotic pill so I suppose I’m in the clear for infection at this point. Continuing to goop on the bacitracin so I’m covered for surface bacteria. I really do hate antibiotics… Hopefully I won’t be on this mirolax for too long 😛

The cold still hurts like hell. Walked two blocks today and couldn’t take it.

My stitches should be dissolving around now. That’s pretty exciting.

The scab/goober is receding a bit so I can get a peek at the damages. Heather insists it won’t be too bad, but I’m not liking what I’m seeing. Oh wells.



Day 6

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Days 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 also available.

I think you’re looking at the last daily update. Progress has slowed a great deal and I’m feeling pretty good. My only limitations right now are being out in the cold for long, riding outside, comedies, and foods that can’t be cut. I’ll probably move to weekly posts so the healing progress can be tracked – will be fun at the end of this to piece all the photos together.

I visit the plastic surgeon on Tuesday for a follow-up, have reached out to my optometrist for new lenses, and still need to give it another week or two before I schedule the tooth work.

Last one for a few days

Day 5

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Days 123, and 4 also available.

Eating went well yesterday and I’d say it’s almost back to normal. Still adjusting to a lack of teeth so I drop some stuff and can’t clean a fork particularly well, but it’s coming along. Healing didn’t make much progress on the surface other than a thick layer of my lip kind of sloughing off. I kid you not, it was like a millimeter thick and hard like plastic. Multiple layers of skin? It was like the most massive chapped lip peel ever. It turns out that was what was causing most of the tightness in my face and things feel much better with it gone. Sorry about the visual.

Had a great Thanksgiving with a pair of friends over. Ended up taking a neighbor to the ER because she wasn’t feeling well. Felt good to return some of that karma.  Luckily none of the ER staff recognized me because that would have been SO embarrassing. Everything turned out fine for her so extra bonus.

Heather and I ventured downtown today to catch the holiday parade (we missed it – 9am on a cold-assed day off and only an hour long? Pfffft!) and for me to pick out a new helmet. The folks at West End rock – I spent far too much time going over the various models and colors, and they were nothing but patient and accommodating. It came down to replacing my existing helmet with the exact same model (unchanged since 2010) or a new model that came out last year – heavier, more aerodynamic, and what a lot of pros are wearing. The old model felt more natural (probably because I’ve been wearing it forever?), but ultimately I ended up in a new Specialized Evade in matte black. It’s totally Imperial and I dig it. I would have preferred something other than black for visibility, but the other color options were pretty garbage. I didn’t get any sort of discount for crash replacement because my helmet was five years old (apparently some government agency put out a report saying helmets are only good for three years so three is the limit for a crash replacement from Specialized) and you have to take it to the place you purchased it (I have no idea where I bought my helmet in November of 2010). I’m now in the system at the shop I bought from today and they said they don’t care about the three year thing so I’ll be covered in the future. Side note: the cold wind killed my wound. I suppose it’s a good thing we missed the parade. Nothing a covering gloved hand didn’t resolve, but not sure it was more than a temporary stopgap.

Finally unpacked my bags from the hospital to assess the soft goods damages. My jersey is scuffed up a bit, but usable assuming the MASSIVE collection of blood comes out. Pretty impressive that such an amount of blood could collect behind my head while I was lying on the ground for [I think] only a couple of minutes. Again, team has a new sponsor next year so I needed to buy a new jersey anyway. Somehow despite a beautifully clean gouge in my shin, my pants didn’t have any holes so whatever foreign object entered me used my pants as a condom… Quite considerate.

I’ve still not heard from the other person involved in the crash. Kind of disheartening. Perhaps he is struggling with how it was his accident to not make? There’s not much to the safety of a pass falling solely on the person making it. I’ve raced a slew of different disciplines/objects in my life and that rule holds true 100% of the time – even in cars where you’ve got mirrors to tell you where people are. Regardless, isn’t it only natural to check on someone who fared really poorly in a crash with you? I harbor no animosity towards him because accidents happen; I’m just kind of dumbfounded at this point.

My lip has receded enough that I can get a look at my teeth. Still not sure how these will be rebuilt with fillings, but my dentist kicks ass so I have faith in him.

A whole bunch of pictures for your enjoyment today!