Oh yeah, my chalazion

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 | 3 comments

Hopefully this is the last post of my busted face for awhile. A few weeks back I had my chalazion removed. It had grown enough that it was affecting my vision and it was clear the non-surgical treatment options weren’t working. Due to some clerical errors, I had about four exams before finally getting scheduled for surgery. Heather took me in, they warned me I might die (typical doctor disclaimer stuff), popped some needles in my eye (the worst part, by far), made a little cut, squeezed the junk out, and I was done within minutes. The surgery itself was painless, but the needles kind of sucked. The intern was actually there to hold me down because I guess it’s a pretty dangerous bit of work. It was funny how they were clearly trained to small talk the entire time to ease my nerves. We talked about the silliest of BS, but it was entertaining. I did ask to see the output – a small little pebble of solidified oil roughly the size of a coriander seed.

I was warned that I would likely look like I got punched in the eye pretty good and my vision would be murky for a few days. No bruising, but it did feel like I had been scratched in the eye for about a week and a half. My vision is perfectly back to normal now, you’d never know I had the bump, and the loss of those few oil glands has had no noticeable affect on my eye comfort (the procedure takes out maybe 10% of the glands on that eye). I’m going to have to be pretty serious about eye washing from now on because apparently I’m predisposed to these blockages because my pores are actually hooded (genetic defect) – more surgeries would mean less and less glands and eventually that becomes really bad.


Preop/postop and now there’s nothing to be seen


  1. Mike, perfect time to purchase OCuSoft Lid Scrub Original. It’s a light pre-lathered foam. Use it with warm water while in the shower or over a sink. I’ve been using it for years and it’s great at removing oil, sweat, dirt from around the rim of the eyes and eyelids. No stinging. Leaves skin soft and very clean. I’ve just started wearing contacts again this Spring and it’s great at removing pollen from eyelashes & skin. I purchase on Amazon prime.

    Glad you are doing well!

  2. Already have it per your recommendation. I don’t know if it’s any good, but no new eye growths lately 😛

  3. Good Gravy!! Glad to see you came thru that so well. You handled that like that a champ.


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