Paso Robles / San Fran wine getaway

Posted on Apr 5, 2017 | 0 comments

IMG_2680 17629822_10154749392723557_138918551919792353_n

I just spent the past few days in warm and sunny Central Coast California and have the tan to prove it. The trip was a collection of a friend’s friends (#mollysfriends) and as seems to be typical of such trips, everyone got along great and had a blast.

For the first few days we stayed in an idyllic doublewide (yes, they exist) just south of Paso Robles in Templeton, CA. Horseshoes, corn hole, a little bit of drinking, a touch of eating, wine tastings at a couple of places (Justin – bleh, Oso Libre – yay!), and some running (I’m exercising 365 days this year so I had to dust the shoes off – the dog pictured, AJ, met me at the end of our driveway and proceeded to do my entire run with me).

Following our stay in wine country we spent a long afternoon in San Luis Obispo. The weather was as perfect as weather gets and the town was quaint as all get out.

From San Luis Obispo we made our way back up the highway to two evenings and a day in San Fran. More running, ferries, Sausalito, even more food and drink, and a night spent dancing. So much fun. Too much fun. I desperately need to be making my way down there more than the once a year I’m currently averaging.

This ends my roughly four weekends in a row away from home. It’s been fun, but I’m looking forward to some laziness, time to myself, loads of biking, perhaps some home/yard modification, getting to know my cat again, and job searching.