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i a m m i k e . o r g / New Year, New Goals, and '07 In Review
New Year, New Goals, and '07 In Review

Last year, I set two goals for myself, both running-related, and met them. This year, I hope to set and attain more than two goals, but the details will have to wait a moment...

2007 Notes:

2008 goals! They're what you've all been waiting for!

#1: Learn Spanish. This is a bad goal as it isn't very measureable, but I am going to complete the Rosetta Stone I downloaded for it and try to order all my Taco Bell orders with my skills. I want to learn Japanese more, but it's much harder, I already know more Spanish, and I'll have a lot more chances to use Spanish in this area.
#2: Complete a marathon.
#3: Run a sub-19 5k.
#4: Skydive.
#5: Visit the Virgin Islands again (and SCUBA dive this time).
#6: Visit New York.

Thoughts? Am I missing anything?

Jan 04 2008 @ 1:22am
i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by C8 @ Jan 04 2008 @ 1:31am:
LOL Taco Bell will be so glad to have you.

You forgot "Threw the best New Years party ever."

Oh, and "Caitlin finished school!"

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Jess @ Jan 04 2008 @ 3:28am:

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Beej @ Jan 04 2008 @ 4:45pm:
I'll help you practice a lot at Taco Bell.

Un numbero tres con Mountain Dew, ahora mismo!

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