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i a m m i k e . o r g / 2008 - Goals, '08 Review, Excitement!
2008 - Goals, '08 Review, Excitement!

Ok, I lied about the excitement... '09 is here, we've got only a year left to figure out what we're going to call this decade, and I've got a lot of goal attaining to do.

A year ago tomorrow, I made this same post. I'm going to be sticking with that same format more or less.

2008 Goals
1. Learn Spanish - I went with Japanese instead. I'd say that's a fair trade.
2. Complete a marathon - Done. Didn't qualify for Boston, but maybe next year.
3. Run a sub-19 5k - Done. Twice.
4. Skydive - Done.
5. Visit the Virgin Islands - Done. I still need to post about the trip. Pics for now.
6. Visit New York - Done. I ought to write that up as well. Pics for now.

2008 Highlights
January 15 - Left Myspace.
February 15 - Turned 26.
March 11 - Bought some art.
March 22 - Moved.
April 01 - Shaved my head.
April 07 - Met Mesha.
April 09 - Dinner with Mesha.
April 23 - Complained to Outback.
April 26-29 - Went to NC.
May 16 - Sold the S2000 and started biking to work.
May 26 - Jumped from a plane.
June 07-08 - Went canoeing on the Rappahanock.
June 28 - Raced bikes for 12 hours.
July 03 - Lied about a site redesign, but had good reason.
August 06 - Complained to Noodles & Company.
August 13 - Saw window washers fall.
August 27 - Started Japanese 101.
September 14 - Ran a Half Marathon.
October 03 - Posted from California [Pics].
October 04 - Went to NYC.
October 26 - Ran a Marathon.
October 27 - Went to the USVI.
November 05 - Smalls passed.
December 02 - Biked to work.

2008 Notes
- Ran 858 miles, biked 472, and swam 2. Up from 402, 107, and 0 in 2007.
- Lost 7 pounds.
- Moved offices, now have a sweet cube.
- Swapped transmissions between two cars.
- Replaced 1 XBOX 360.
- Got an iPhone (didn't post about it... weird)

2009 Goals
1. Run a sub-18 5k
2. Run a sub 1:30 Half Marathon (should be cake)
3. Run a sub 3:10 Full Marathon (Boston Qualification)
4. Go to France
5. Continue Japanese (102 and 201)
6. Revisit NYC, go to the top of the Empire State Building
7. Bike 100 miles in a day
8. Run 1000 miles

Lots of running in '09. Pray for healthy legs! I've also updated my schedule. Plenty to add later, though. And yes, you'll note a few track events again

Jan 02 2009 @ 8:26pm
i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 02 2009 @ 9:49pm:
Here I thought track events meant with a car.

Mark the last two weekends in May as possible canoe dates. I really can't do any other weekend because school.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Mike @ Jan 02 2009 @ 10:12pm:
Track weekends did mean with a car... I had an overwrite dialog sitting in my FTP client that I just now clicked tongue

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 02 2009 @ 10:36pm:
Wow, I think you're doing more than I am.

I guess that means you have no preference for either weekend?

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by ma @ Jan 04 2009 @ 12:32pm:
Sorry "cd's", but I need him this May. We're moving. You can have him back for canoeing for the next 20 Mays. :)

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 05 2009 @ 10:53pm:
You should tell him that... he said he was free. tongue

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