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2010 - Year in Review

Welcome, to the first in a two-part series of year-beginning posts. In years past, I've lumped my yearly review and look ahead into a single post. Not this time around. Why? I didn't like the naming scheme I'd used in the past. Yeah, I'm that fickle.

We'll start off with the goals I set for myself last year. I have yet to look at them, but I'm worried... very worried. The goals follow:

  • Get running again - I would say this was a success. I can run double-digit miles with relative ease, I'm no longer in daily pain, and the only thing holding me back from really getting back to it is longer-than-average recovery times and a lack of motivation.
  • Run a sub-3:10 marathon. This was a poorly set goal. Totally unrealistic. Probably not even realistic for this year. Bad Michael.
  • Visit another country - Fail. I didn't settle into my "new life" until September or so... And I wasn't going to travel alone.
  • Bike 100 miles in a day - Fail. No good reason. I regularly rolled out of bed on random weekends and did 50-70. I scheduled a few "centuries" with friends, but they were non-committal and I didn't want to attend one solo.
  • Bike 1000 miles - Done. 1458 and that's basically all in seven months. A relatively low number, but far and away a personal best. 403 in August alone.
  • Get the Civic back to fully-streetable. Came close, but lost motivation/means. Threw a new suspension on and made a good effort of selling "track" parts. Still needs a few bits, but it's at least palatable now.
  • SCUBA. Fail. Didn't go anywhere suitable.
  • Go on an epic bike ride or car trip. Fail. I did buy a new car, which might help me attain this next year.
  • Work remotely for an extended period of time. Kinda sorta got this one. Work kiboshed this grand plan [of becoming a Digital Nomad], but I did spend a couple weeks working in NC and will likely make that a regular occurrence each year.
  • Begin learning Spanish. Fail. I'm spread too thin. Too little time.
  • Bench press 225. Fail. Visiting the gym once or twice a week will not make any gains.
  • Cook more. Success. I didn't cook A LOT more, but becoming single caused me to make little meals for myself/eat out less a bit more often. The is also a poorly set goal.

Now it's time to list my most notable posts of the year... Here ya go:

  • Jan. 26 - Made a new website and proceeded to do nothing with it. I still feel with the right marketing and content, this could have made me some coin. Oh well.
  • Mar. 12 - Got an iPad, which has changed the way I compute and play games at home and on the road. I love it.
  • Mar. 22 - My family moved away
  • Apr. 14 - Was cheated out of some money. This never went anywhere other than me trashing his image all over the Internet. He's been blacklisted at all the major car forums.
  • Apr. 24 - Scott and Claire got married.
  • May 03 - Went to Boston. Lovely place. Hope to visit/watch friends run/run myself often.
  • May 1-2 - Completed the Five Boro Bike Tour
  • May ?? - Moved in by myself.
  • Jun. 3-6 - Went to Vegas. A relatively tame trip. Running out of friends getting married!
  • Jun. 09 - Wrote a bit about being single. [Became single]
  • Jun. 25 - Bought a car and a new phone. Love both.
  • Jun. 26-27 - Drove the Colonial Parkway on the way back from Laura & Butter's wedding.
  • Jul. 29 - Had a bicycle crash and visited NC. Still have some good scars from the spill.
  • Aug. 14 - Fixed a lamp. Then I decided I don't like them.
  • Aug. 31 - Worked out a ridiculous amount in August.
  • Sep. 10-12 - Spent a weekend in Outer Banks with Greg and Geordie.
  • Sep. 16 - Went to Tahoe. Amazing place. I could vacation there regularly.
  • Sep. 22-26 - Visit family in NC.
  • Sep. ?? - Hit my goal weight after a few months of serious working out and eating well.
  • Oct. 28 - Went on a date with Heather.
  • Nov. 02 - Had a busy October.
  • Dec. 01 - Ran a sub-20 5k. No idea how I got into such shape, but I'm still really happy about it.
  • Dec. 19 - Hosted 1st Annual Grubmasfest and attended Nutcracker.
  • Dec. 23-26 - Spent Christmas in NC with family.
  • Dec. 30-31 - Spent the New Year in Chincoteague with friends.

Other notable items:

  • Trip tally: NC x 3, Outer Banks, Boston, NYC, Tahoe, Vegas, Tidewater.
  • Ran 279 miles (from 954), biked 1458 miles (from 670), swam 10 miles (from 3).
  • Replaced my old mountain bike.
  • Read Born to RunSurprisingly SimpleThe Time MachineThe Art of Money Getting, Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for RunningGetting Things DoneMedium Raw (my first eBook), Siddhartha, and Sh*t My Dad Says.
  • Bought a lot of new art including some original pieces.
  • Family still had a handful of surgeries, but everyone is in much better shape than they were at the start.
  • Emily spent the year with her Neuroblastoma. It is scheduled for removal on 01/05/11.
  • Jade is pretty much through treatment. Still a bald little head, but thinks are looking really good for her.
  • Closed the year very happily in a relationship with Heather, whom I've known since kindergarten.

Previous yearly posts:

Overall, a good year. I'm happy with where I am professionally and personally. I didn't reach all of my goals, but did much better than last year. I need to come up with a new system because I forget about most of them through the year; maybe set a few less and keep them posted on my door or something? Regardless, I'd say I accomplished more than most in what turned out to be a relatively life-changing and wild 2010.

Jan 04 2011 @ 3:57pm
i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 04 2011 @ 5:45pm:
+1 for bike 100 miles

I find it easier to keep a Life List and set a goal for marking x off, instead of setting specific goals. Life is complicated and plans change, I think keeping it open-ended but with a commitment is the best way. You do both a life and year, which would be too many lists for me.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Mom @ Jan 14 2011 @ 9:07pm:
Most people don't accomplish in a lifetime some of the things you accomplish in a year. Wishing you another great, fun-filled, successful year in 2011!

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