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i a m m i k e . o r g / 2010 - 2009 in Review, Goals, and Plans
2010 - 2009 in Review, Goals, and Plans

Thinking back, there was a lot of crappiness in 2009. I'll get to that over the course of this post.

Click here for this post last year.

2009 Goals
1. Run a sub-18 5k - Failed. Didn't even come close. Was going to make the 5K push following the marathon stuff, but the whole running thing didn't work out.
2. Run a sub 1:30 Half Marathon (should be cake) - Failed. Was sick for the first, and injured for the second.
3. Run a sub 3:10 Full Marathon (Boston Qualification) - Failed. 3:16. No good reason. Just didn't have it. Abbreviated training due to injury?
4. Go to France - Didn't happen.
5. Continue Japanese (102 and 201) - Dropped 102.
6. Revisit NYC, go to the top of the Empire State Building - Went back to NYC, but didn't go up ESB.
7. Bike 100 miles in a day - Didn't happen.
8. Run 1000 miles - Should have been cake; was on pace for 1500 before injury.

Sooo.... I didn't accomplish a single goal I had set last year (Note: I've never not accomplished a goal in one of these posts). Luckily, I did accomplish a life goal, which I hadn't anticipated: Started a company... Phew! I did something this year.

2009 Highlights
January 22 - Dropped Japanese.
February 10 - After not receiving raises for the year, my company got rid of free drinks.
February 15 - Turned 27.
Winter - Won club racing series for my age group.
May 5 - Joined [and quickly left] Twitter.
April 5 - Ran an incredible (1:04) Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.
April 8 - Was told I could no longer bring my bicycle in the office.
May 12 - Biked around NYC.
May 17 - Ran a sick half marathon.
May 30 - Canoed the Rappahanock.
June - Bachelor party in Las Vegas.
June - Helped Lamkens move to Wilmington, NC.
June - Got another arcade machine.
July 26 - Ran the San Fran Marathon (promise, I'll blog about the trip at some point).
August 26 - Bachelor party in New Orleans.
Summer - Won club racing series for my age group.
September 13 - Ran an injured half marathon.
October 6 - Amber left us.
October 9 - Dad retired.
September 25 - Emily was born.
September and November - Emily and Jade diagnosed with cancer.
November and December - Started my own company.
December 11 - Was told I have high blood pressure.
December - Visit NC.
December 30 - Joined a gym.

2009 Notes
- Ran 953 miles (up from 857), biked 670 (from 472), swam 3 (from 2).
- Gained 5 pounds.
- Didn't get a raise, but my cube got even sweeter.
- Sold the rip and flip Integra.
- Spent a lot of time working on the Civic.
- Didn't have an XBOX fail.
- Refreshed my SCUBA cert.
- Trashed my hamstrings.

2010 Goals
- Get running again.
- Run a sub-3:10 marathon.
- Visit another country (France, Japan, Italy, and Thailand are on the table).
- Bike 100 miles in a day.
- Bike 1000 miles.
- Get the Civic back to fully streetable.
- SCUBA dive.
- Go on an epic bike ride or car trip.
- Work remotely for an extended period of time.
- Begin learning Spanish.
- Bench press 225.
- Cook more.

So 2009... A lot of failed goals, two kids with cancer, homes are still unaffordable, Mom had two major surgeries... 2010 is sure to be better!

Jan 02 2010 @ 3:33am
i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by mjc504 @ Jan 02 2010 @ 5:31am:
Mike, your goals are commendable & I wish you the best....I too hope 2010 is a better year in a lot of ways.....

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 03 2010 @ 4:16am:
Will be in Italy and France if you want to meet up.


i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Mike @ Jan 03 2010 @ 2:20pm:
If we do Italy I'd be tagging along on a work trip of hers... so we're not flexible on those dates. France is a possibility. Perhaps we'd do the F1 thing, fewer days in Belgium, and then shoot over to France, maybe still being there for a couple days when you arrive.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 03 2010 @ 3:44pm:
When we go from Belgium to France is somewhat up in the air, depending on what we find to do. I'm not sure we can spend a week in Brussels, so we might know a couple days off and add that to France. I have somewhat of a fascination with the French countryside, so I feel like we might spend a few days there. All depends on the research that has yet to be conducted.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by mjc504 @ Jan 03 2010 @ 4:20pm:
If I can offer an opinion, I don't think you need more than 2 days to see Brussels; a nice one hour trip by train to Brugge (Bruges; it's spelled a number of ways)from Brussels is a nice old town.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by Mike @ Jan 03 2010 @ 6:34pm:
Ya, we just took a look at things... Maybe fly in Thursday to Brussels, hang out two days, F1, drive to France via countryside/wine country (wait, isn't that the whole country?), and then ending in Paris. We're looking at 8/19 - 9/1 or so. Airfare gets quite a bit more expensive as summer comes along... 700 now, 1200 then.

i a m m i k e . o r g / {title}
by cd's nuts @ Jan 04 2010 @ 1:54am:
I just realized I never updated that calendar for the Spa date change. It's actually a week later, so we'll do Spa at the end of Belgium. There's a possibility we'd do France first, but a lot depends on where we can fly into on our miles. They are changing the miles required to fly in a week, so I'll let you know before then.

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