I was on time for this one! Man, what an easier race when you’re able to draft. No win or podium, but pretty pleased with my performance on a course that isn’t particularly ideal for someone with my build (read: fat).

For this one I put the carbon wheels back on since there is absolutely zero braking in this constant up and down affair. Also picked up some new pedals and cleats because I developed a wiggle in one of my old ones and a rebuild didn’t resolve it perfectly. Everything held together so that was good.

I started on the front line with two friends of mine, hung with the pack for about 4 solid laps. On the 5th, I let a little gap open, which required me to pedal the downhill, which had me gassed for the uphill, and then the 6th lap was merely the growth of that gap. I was 1st place for “behind the pack” so that was cool. One guy was close to coming off after me, but I think he battled his way back on. The guy behind me put in a serious final lap effort to make me feel a bit of  pressure, but he was simply too far back… So once I was off, I was racing alone and held my place. Pretty happy. 17th place so no series points, but I’m feeling good and know I’m getting faster week after week. Great little workout. I don’t know if it was because I was with the group most of the race or that I’m in better shape, but I tasted far less metal/blood in my lungs this time around and riding the next day was also much better.

Added bonus is that I created a goal for myself (based on my faster friend’s best) on the uphill segment of the race. It was so much faster than how quickly I did it last week that I set the end of the race series for the due date. Well, I got it yesterday. So I guess I need a new goal. Maybe stay with the pack the entire race? Boring, but maybe I’ll shoot for that by the end of the series. I’ve got it! As this isn’t much of a race for me to win, I think the 1st lap prime (1st place after the 1st lap wins a six-pack and it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge) is very attainable and I’m going to go for it. I’ve no way to get the beer home, but that’s only a minor detail. Maybe in my belly? That’d be a fun ride. BEER.