2nd Annual Jingle Ride

Did some strong cleaning this week and also shaved. Underneath it all, I found I was healed! From a few feet away you’d be hard-pressed to notice anything. Up close, the discoloration (seems to change hourly) and roughness is apparent, but it’ll continue healing for another 4-5 months so it’s hard to say what the final outcome will be.

I’m growing accustomed to the filings, but I have a cleaning tomorrow so I might as well ask if the one can be added to a bit and whether they can smooth out the transitions a little.

I did my first proper ride outside with my friend Fenton on Christmas and all went well – delivered 21 care packages to the homeless around our typical “205 Loop,” but could have easily given away twice that so we’ll be looking to grow the ride even more next year (1 last year, 2 this year… 4 next!?).

I’ll be applying Mederma for another month or so based on all the scar healing research I did (we already had some and an independent summary of something like 300 scientific papers said it’s better than nothing).

Pretty sure I’m going to make it at this point so that’s awesome 😛

I’ll do another update next week, one two after that, and then go monthly until the healing process completes around May or so.