Same old. The cold is becoming more palatable, but I’m still not really riding outside because the sun and cold can permanently affect scar pigmentation during this period. Would rather stay on the safe side. Zero pain anymore, but not really feeling anything in the wound area so it feels like I have something on my lip at all times.

You know that annoying center piece of skin on your lip that always seems to peel separately and is really thick and annoying? That damned thing peels off like four times a week. I guess healing business?

I got my teeth fixed. They look 100x better. Even the dentist agreed. Can still see the seam on the big front one, but he smoothed it out a bit and added a lot of material to the smaller tooth so it looks way better. Very happy. I chose to not have the local anesthetic and that turned out to be a really good move – needle pain/that feeling that they’re going to pierce through > whatever “pain” was supposed to be involved with this procedure.

I realized the skin of the scar is really smooth and that’s why it was showing up so much in photos. Took today’s without a flash and it’s much more indicative of reality.

Next update in a month. I’ll be quitting the scar gel at that time too.