An excellent year.




  • The Dalles/Maupin for New Years and a race (January)
  • Mt. Hood/Parkdale for a V-day/B-day ski weekend (February)
  • Breckenridge for ski trip w/ the college buds (March)
  • Astoria for a getaway weekend (April)
  • DC, Asheville, and VA Beach for Brain Cancer 5k, hiking Mount Mitchell with Dad, and time with the Chases (May)
  • Bend weekend for a mountain bike race and wedding planning (May)
  • Pacific City for Reach The Beach (May)
  • The Dalles/Maupin for annual rafting trip (June)
  • Seattle for a solo getaway by train to see the Derecolas (June)
  • Heybrook Lookout/Stevens Pass for her birthday (July)
  • Bend weekend for wedding research (July)
  • Boulder/Denver/Leadville for Leadville 100 MTB (August)
  • New York City for fantasy football draft (August)
  • Bend to get married (October)
  • Tacoma for a birthday party (November)
  • Tacoma for cyclocross nationals (December)
  • Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for “Christmas” (December)


  • Exercised every day of the year again. That streak is now at 3.5 years or so.
  • Burned 367,824 extra calories.
  • Rode 6207 miles in 408 hours. Did Leadville again, but didn’t take it or really any of my cycling seriously.
  • Ran 237 miles in 33 hours. Lots more trail running including the summer trail series. Set an adult 5k PR of 18:07. Won a New Year’s 2.019 race to start the year right. I think this would be my only proper podium of the year.
  • Hiked 36.8 hours including Mount Mitchell w/ Dad, a bunch around Stevens Pass, Mount St. Helens with a group again, and a ton around Palm Springs.
  • Picked up a gravel bike, used it properly once, and have converted it into my commuter for now.


  • Read 19.
  • Have dialed in a system of nonfiction during the day and fiction to put me to sleep. That means fiction got a larger portion of my time than usual. I guess I’m gonna get dumber?
  • Favorites were Bad Blood (was working in the medical industry at the time) and Wool (am in the midst of the trilogy now).
  • Also enjoyed the Shattered Sea Trilogy quite a bit.

2019 Goal Review

  • ❌ Ride 500 hours. I had trouble motivating for riding this year. I’m fine with it. More isn’t always better.
  • ✅ Get another belt buckle (Leadville under 12 hours).
  • ❌ Go sub-18 in a 5k. Oh so close (18:07). I’ll blame the rain, but really I just didn’t have it.
  • ❌ Conquer Mount Adams. Didn’t plan it. Did hike more so that’s good.
  • ❌ Cat 3 road upgrade. Didn’t bother.
  • ✅ Become a badass programmer. Have self-learned a ton this year including two new languages and even wrote my own app.
  • ❌ Share reading notes and thoughts. Hard habit to create when it only comes up once a month. Did start strong with my first two books, but nothing since.
  • ✅ Stay mindful of doing too much. I failed a lot of things in this list by passing this one. Go figure.

2020 Goals

  • Sub-18 5k. I won’t be able to make my usual May race, but I do hope to run it virtually at a local track.
  • Achieve a personal best functional threshold power.
  • Read 20 books.
  • Publish my diet app.
  • Figure out parenting (read: everyone survives)

Previous Years in Review

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