Yeah, I’m going there. It wasn’t all bad.



Given what this year was, only two, and not COVID. A friend from high school and college died of the flu, and a running buddy from DC died of brain cancer. Both were beautiful people.



  • Some form of exercise (yoga, walk at the least) every day. That streak is now at ~4.5 years.
  • Burned 319,084 extra calories.
  • Rode 5200 miles in 319 hours. 100 a week while having a kid? Good enough. All but ~200 of those miles were done in our basement.
  • Completed the Leadville 100,000ft challenge, earning another [less meaningful] belt buckle.
  • Ran 195 miles in 26 hours. No actual races happened, but I did finally break the 18-minute mark in the 5k with a 17:50. Followed that up with a mile time trial for fun and clocked a 5:07. I suppose a sub-5 is the next logical goal.
  • Hiked 14.1 hours. None of it was especially noteworthy. Mt. St Helens didn’t happen for the first time in many years.
  • Added walking to my routine, clocking in 422 miles.
  • Only got to snowboard two days… that was expensive (had a pass I was planning to use in the late winter).
  • Started doing some regular 10-15 minute yoga sessions. I can’t say my back (my focus) feels much better.
  • Won a monthly exercise competition at work. My virtual team won some beanies for it.


  • Read 30. I was told I’d read less with a kid, but found the opposite to be true.
  • Favorites were Dune and Flatland.
  • Really got into the worlds of the Silo and Foundation. Yeah, big sci-fi year.

2020 Goal Review

  • ✅ Sub-18 5k. 17:50 solo on the track.
  • ❌ Personal best functional threshold power. Despite doing a lot of focused riding and training, I only got weaker on the bike this year. Age? Lack of outdoor riding?
  • ✅ Read 20 books. 30.
  • ❌ Publish my diet app. Made one step on this by getting a paid developer account, but didn’t put the time into fixing the automatic layout issues.
  • ✅ Figure out parenting aka “everyone survives.” We’re all still kicking.

2021 Goals

  • Sub 5-minute mile.
  • Publish my diet app.
  • Get to see family.
  • Spend a huge amount of time on the east coast.

Previous Years in Review

This one was the 15th in a row. See 2019201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007, and 2006.