This month was a hard one for everyone. Lots of teething (now 5-7 teeth), separation anxiety only remedied by a heavy dose of Mom, and leaving our nanny share due to the cutthroat nature of Portland daycare (if we passed at our opportunity, we’d not have a daycare opening until Fall 2022 at the earliest, which we can’t afford financially or mentally).

We’re now nearly two weeks into daycare. It’s been hard on Mia, but slowly appears to be improving. The girl is a cuddler (like her parents! awwww!) and there’s less of that available. We will miss our nanny share greatly and look forward to when the pandemic is behind us so Mia can spend time with her buddies there again.

On the skills side of things, Mia wants to stand on everything, is getting around with ease, can almost climb a two stairs on her own (the second is the hard one – mental hurdle), has been honing her pincer grip on every piece of dirt, dragonfruit, or mulch put in front of her, and looooooves to dance and read. She’s also developed a skill for waking up an hour earlier than normal, which we hope to nip in the bud with the clock adjustment.