Was waiting for pictures to emerge, but apparently all those folks with long lenses kept them to themselves ?‍♂️

I can run fairly well and I can ride fairly well. Compared to the average person, I’m very good at both. Compared to folks who compete, I’m mediocre. However, there aren’t a lot of folks who are at my level in two sports. I always knew I could be decent at duathlon, but you need a bike specific to it and I couldn’t ever justify getting one.

Until now… A TT frame and a bunch of parts came up on the local sale forum earlier this year, the price and size checked out, and it was mine. Assembly, a couple more parts purchased or pulled from my stash, and a total of $1300 out of pocket, I ended up with a bit of a rocket. The previous owner is out winning podiums in the Paralympics so I had to do this thing justice by entering and doing well in some races.

There aren’t a lot of time trials or duathlons! I had to search hard, but I did find some. None of the time trials really lined up with having a kid, so duathlons filled out the schedule. The first would be the PDX Triathlon, which is always held at Blue Lake, but was moved to Hagg Lake, and then Vancouver Lake, and then Frenchman’s Bar on June 6.

I didn’t run much leading up to the event so opted for the “super sprint” duathlon. 2+ miles of running, ~12ish miles of riding, and then another 2+ miles of running. A standard sprint is a 5k, ~12 miles, and then a 5k, which they were offering but I ought to take it easy my first time out, eh? Most events don’t offer this extra short variant so I was lucky this time.

I did do some transition practice, which was moderately helpful. It was also loads of fun to do a workout in which I was alternating sports. I look forward to more of that. No, I didn’t do any of the tricky shoe clipping stuff, but I did leave my running shoes laced up!

The race itself was uneventful. Based on my trained 5k pace last year (5:45/mi) I figured without training a 6:15 over 4 miles with a hard ride in between would be feasible. I ended up running 6:25s so I wasn’t too far off. After the first mile I had about a minute lead over my chaser, which ended up being 2 minutes after the run, 10 minutes after the ride, and 13 by the finish. A win!

Extrapolating out, I would have won the regular sprint as well by a couple of minutes. There were a couple of youngsters who could run really well, but no 110lber is going to be anywhere close to keeping up on the bike. The next step after sprint is Olympic, 10k, 25mi, 10k, and I think a touch more running than my legs can handle these days. A shame, as there is more competition there. I should find some local competition at the sprint distance, but if I really want some it’s Olympic distance or learning to swim a touch better (at 1/2 mile I could get through it just fine, but I’d be chasing the rest of the way) and entering the triathlon scene.

The next duathlon is June 17 or 18 (on-road races are the 17th, which Rebecca might try, which would make me do the off-road race on the 18th) at Hagg Lake, followed by another in late August and a finale in mid-September just in time to get serious about cyclocross season.

I’ve been dabbling in some road racing as well, but nothing worth mentioning. I didn’t put in the training to be more than a grinder there, as usual, and I’m finishing mid-pack. I’ll continue that through the season for fitness and fun.

Oh look! I found a photo! I need some sweet glasses; look at all that drag on my face. My pace on the bike was close to 24mph. I think I can do better there, but need to practice as the positioning is quite a bit different than a regular bike so I’m not able to extract all my power yet.