We finally got back on track with a rafting trip this year. We kept it “local” by visiting the Tieton just outside of Yakima with Wet Planet. The trip almost didn’t happen due to wildfires, as we were wearing masks just to breathe in town, but the skies miraculously cleared upon reaching the canyon. The river is only run a few weeks a year and it was high quality, but short; it was a long trip for a morning of rafting, but it was about more than that. We had a great guide, a lot of good beers, I finally got to see Yakima (and don’t need to again), and it was great to get the group back together.

Shortly after the trip we learned of the unfortunate passing of Mark, the fellow responsible for getting Chris and his dad out on a river each year. I was delighted to hear he knew the trips had continued on with a new generation. Thanks, Mark. Paddle on.