Not the year we were all hoping for, but we all have our health and family is well. This was more of  “just get through it” and we did. For the first time in a while, I kept a job for an entire calendar year and we didn’t have any real estate transactions! Very much looking forward to simpler taxes. Next year is looking a bit more lively with another baby and a cross country move shortly thereafter.



  • Was pretty much all about Mia.
  • I’m nearing two years at Skyward. We redesigned our app just as I “finished” (it’s a task that’s never done) automating the testing of it so I got to rebuild it again. Nearing “completion” again so I’m getting my hands dirty with some new technologies and possibly dabbling on the Android side. Been pushing myself to learn something new or teach somebody something every day.
  • Rebecca is still at OHSU and took on a new role.
  • I got Rebecca pregnant again. Baby girl #2 arrives at the end of March.
  • We’ve decided to move to Vermont to be nearer family. Portland has evolved a bit since we’ve both arrived and isn’t what we’re looking for long term. We’re targeting June.
  • Had some heart concerns, had a lot of testing, turned out to be nothing. Yay!



  • Some form of exercise every day. That streak is now at ~2000 days.
  • Burned 306,108 extra calories.
  • Rode 5728 miles. ~85% of this was indoors.
    • Raced in a few road races, but quit when a guy blew a snot rocket into the pack.
    • Placed 2nd in my class at the state time trial championships.
    • Had eight virtual wins, four seconds, and five thirds.
  • Ran 153 miles. Never really got going with this and then ended the year with a pair of ankle injuries. Did some extra long slow trail runs thinking off-road ultras might be a future thing.
  • Hiked 74 miles. The Mt. St. Helens group hike happened again for the 6th iteration of me leading and I got a lot of miles in preparation of my Wildwood thru-hike that didn’t happen due to injury.
  • Walked 354 miles.
  • Competed in my first two duathlons, won both, stopped doing them due to price and lack of competition.
  • Only had a single snowboarding day. Mia wasn’t in daycare until after the season so it was hard to get up there.
  • Tried to start regular meditation. Failed.
  • Tried to start regular yoga. Failed.


2021 Goal Review

  • ❌ Sub 5-minute mile. With no in-person 5k in DC, I didn’t get into a fast running kick at all. Didn’t have the motivation to do another fast solo one.
  • ❌ Publish my diet app. I’ve not had a desire to focus on my diet so this got no traction. I think I worked on it once, made it nowhere, and dropped it.
  • ✅ Get to see family. Likely got a total of 6 weeks of family time.
  • ✅ Spend a huge amount of time on the east coast. Two weeks between Vermont and NC is pretty good.

2022 Goals

  • Hike the Wildwood Trail. This needs to happen soon because we’re not here for long.
  • Increase 15s power. This is where I lack in cycling.
  • Ride outside more. I spend way too much time on the trainer, which can’t be good for supporting muscles.
  • Complete a “goal” race. I need something to work towards. Rooted Vermont?
  • Write more of the significant stuff on here.
  • Begin section-hike of Long Trail. Folks suggest doing this legendary 273 mile trail in six efforts. I suspect I’ll be able to do one a year.
  • Survive two major life changes.

Previous Years in Review

This one was the 16th in a row. See 20202019201820172016201520142013201220112010200920082007, and 2006.