It finally got us… or me. Fortunately, I was the only member of the family to catch it. We’re quite certain it was from a school event where a handful of parents tested positive and then a trickle of children and teachers the following weeks.

I never got too sick aside from one night in which I had a fever, but I was incredibly tired for an entire week, had a light headache for 10-12 days, and worst of all lost my sense of smell and taste. Treatment was Advil to reduce the initial fever, DayQuil/NyQuil to get through the first day or two, then Mucinex, and then Advil for the lingering headaches.

We were very fortunate that my sister arrived for a visit the day before I tested positive so she was able to take my place as a parent. A bummer we didn’t spend any time together, but from a family survival standpoint the timing couldn’t have been better.

I watched a lot of TV. Moon Knight, all the recent Spider-Mans, Casablanca (fourth time I’ve tried to get through it!), Power of the Dog, Black Widow, and documentaries on Boeing and Crypto. I suppose for it being a week of nothing else to do that’s really not too much, but it felt constant. Not sure I’ll be watching anything any time soon.

I still don’t have much taste back and smell is nonexistent. I live to eat so this is quite the bummer. Still, I managed to pack on six pounds in the two weeks I didn’t really exercise. I have begun very light exercise again, but read enough horror stories to know I need to keep the heart rate very low for the next week or two. I’m looking forward to a reset of sorts anyway.

The following is the timeline of my illness:

Day 0 (first day of symptoms)

Bike race in afternoon, won, but oddly tired.

Day 1

Feel like a cold, slight cough and congestion. Test negative.

Day 2

Wake with fever in middle of night, 100.7. Test, positive. Isolate in TV room. Pretty beat, feels like allergies or a cold.

Day 3

Went for a walk, heart rate so high for so little effort. Lots of tissues. Probably worst day in terms of feeling.

Day 4

Slight cough, feeling a little better. Nasal drainage Still so tired. Walked again, got a little further.

Day 5

Feeling much better. Cough still present. Nasal drainage Wiped out by 4pm. Walked again, got a little further again.

Day 6

Still positive! Damn. Lost sense of smell/taste. Feeling much better Winded after chores or any exertion. Still light cough. Nose dry, throat dry.

Day 7

Feel mostly fine. Still no taste. Positive.

Day 8

Headache. Tired, but much more lively. No taste, but dark chocolate can at least be sensed. Able to mow lawn and do chores.

Day 9

Positive line very faint. Family need me so I leave isolation. Faint taste? Maybe? No. Couldn’t taste a thing of a turmeric ginger bar. Slight headache.

Day 10

Positive line even mor faint. Taste maybe coming back a tiny bit?

Day 11

Considering it negative. Headache. Wore mask with family in car for trip. Slept together for first time.

Day 12

Needed a microscope and right lighting to see anything on positive line. Headache way back there, but no drugs necessary.

Day 13

Didn’t bother to test. Maybe a third of taste back? Can’t smell anything. Maybe taste is back, but smell isn’t and the combination is what makes things “normal”? Anyway, eating is becoming a little more enjoyable. Feel perfectly well. Still feels like there is a headache deep in there that wants to come out. Biked at night and heart rate for power output was well within normal range.

Day 14

Feel perfectly fine. No improvements to taste of smell. Light cough during exercise. Odd metallic “taste” in sinuses. Smell came back in afternoon and along with it a lot of taste. Long, easy bike ride in evening. Totally fine.

Day 15

Taste and smell gone in morning – assuming it has a natural cycle; something I’ve noticed prior to Covid was my sense of both is weaker in the morning. There is apparently science to that.

Day 16

Symptoms pretty much gone. Taste is decent enough. Heart rate a little high with light exercise so going to continue taking it easy. Will update here when I’m back in shape.