We seem to have turned a corner over the past few weeks. Bryn had been pretty much constantly fussy, but some combination of sleep coaching, gas meds, tongue tie surgery recovery, and maybe general development has seemed to have mellowed her out. Phew! That was a really tough few months.

Baby girl loves to talk, is beginning to laugh a bit, and gets lots (too much) attention from her older sister. They’re gonna be besties…

This month we also spent a long weekend on “The Farm” in Oregon City while the house was open for showings. Was a wonderful breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) and we survived in ~500sqft, which makes me believe anything is possible.

Next month (err in a few days) we move to Vermont where our living arrangement will be a little more challenging for the time being, but we’ll have more support with grandma in-house for the next month and then across the street once our rental opens up. Fingers crossed the cross-country flight with two kids and two cats isn’t cancelled somewhere or delayed.