January was one of the most challenging months of my life.


Layoffs to start the new year! I survived, but 30% of the people who did what I did were suddenly gone. I firmly believe the names were picked out of a hat and we’re not sure things will be done at any point this year so I get to live with that constant stress.

Around this time I got a pretty brutal respiratory sickness, which resulted in a sinus infection and headache that lasted literally until the end of the month.


VASECTOMY (will be written about soon). Glued to the couch for two days, highly uncomfortable for a week, pretty tender and walking funny for another. It’d take the third week to be comfortable playing hard with the kids, not walk funny, and sit on the bike (took a week longer than advised).


Learned my role was being dissolved. I would be given a couple of options for a new career. What I’ve chosen is related to what I’ve always done, but almost completely different. Time to get learning.


Stomach flu. All four of us vomiting at the same time. I was the last to be hit. This seemed to have triggered a migraine the following day, which left me pretty much unable to get out of bed for two more days. Coupled with Rebecca starting a new job and the resultant absences from daycare and this was likely the most difficult string of a few days we’ve had as a family. This broke my seven year streak of exercising every day. I think I’m okay with this because at some point a goal achieves you.


The 28th marked the first day of the year in which I don’t feel shitty in some way. I’m going to call February the beginning of 2023 and pretend January didn’t happen.