What they say is true – every child is different. While they have their similarities and get along splendidly, these girls are so different. Bryn is an independent woman. I won’t make a blanket statement like “that’s a second child for you” because my sister would get mad at me. She doesn’t need our attention all the time, just “sends it,” and doesn’t much care what you feed her as long as ENERGY.

She continues to make us laugh near constantly and sleeps amazingly. She’s such a joy to call our own.

In terms of development, we’re beginning to get two-word phrases from her and she’s a climbing machine.

Big change recently has been that she left her former care provider because it wasn’t providing enough reliable hours and now attends daycare with Mia. So much easier going to a single place each day and while she’s the youngest at the facility, she walked right in like the boss that she is and is thriving.

Next update? Two years old. See ya then, assuming we make it through the winter.