After 25 years, my existing web host got funny with the billing and wanted to increase the rate 400%. I worked with a support tech for quite some time as they repeatedly took five minutes to chat with their supervisor only to return with a 5% decrease. Ultimately they came down about 30%, but not even close.

So I spent a couple of hours to locate A2Hosting. They received very good reviews (hard to find real reviews on the web), their rates were outstanding, and following migration I can say their support and service is top notch. They handled the entire migration for me. It turned out to be a little tricky as my existing host had some custom/old stuff in use, but a day after beginning the manual work was done.

Things are faster, way cheaper, more modern, and I’ve even got the keys to clone the site so I can work on changes without affecting what everyone sees. Very excited. Buckle up!

If you see anything funny, please let me know. Right off the bat I had to install some software to make image galleries appear as expected and I know my OLD site (like… prior to 2008 or so?) is no longer here, but I’m going to work on getting that uploaded and running for posterity.