Mia, bia, bia. You are adventurous, happy to jump off of anything, love a good wave pool, are super picky and a pain in the butt to get to bed, are getting pretty good on your big strider, are an excellent leader, love to garden and “water” (pee, daily, in the yard) plants. We love you so much. Stay silly and into a good wrestle/tackle battle with Dad.

Over this period of your life you met Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Scott in person, went to a bunch of bluegrass festivals up at the meeting house, “attended” soccer camp and hosted two Irish coaches at our house (you totally had a crush on one of them), played in ponds and sprinklers, became a big sister at daycare, spent an amazing week in the Adirondacks, met a bunch of family in Connecticut, did a bunch of hikes, spent a weekend without Mommy and Daddy, and capped it off with a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.