Over this period Bryn’s speech has really taken off. She’s forming sentences and making sense most of the time. Mia was very advanced in her speech at this age so we were really concerned (I mean, not really) if Bryn were behind her, but she’s met and maybe even exceeded. Feels good.

She runs everywhere, jumps off anything, had a massive sleep regression for a bit there, hated brushing her teeth until very recently, is crushing it on her bike, and continues to eat like food is going out of style. Girl is solid and we LOVE it (feed that brain!).

Her favorite trick is to hang on anything and everything she can get her hands on. It has become such a thing that I’ve started documenting it with photos and sharing to Facebook. A friend has taken it upon himself to Photoshop her into precarious situations, which I’ve added below. Thanks, Hugh! My daughter is now a meme.