Last week, I published my first app. I had spent about five hours on it. It worked, but usability was poor, and functionality was limited, but I really only intended it for my own use.

Well, a few people have used it, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Since release, it has more or less been a full-time job with four more releases and at least a few more planned. Hours invested have easily tripled.

If you used it on day one, it’s worth checking out again assuming you’re looking for a way to get yourself eating better. What was a pet project is now an application that actually holds its own.

Link to App Store.

Changes since initial release:

  • Added macronutrients and hydration tracking. These are not part of the diet, unsecured, and hidden by default, but someone in my house needed them so IN THEY GO.
  • Changed control method. Sliders were not particularly usable, but the new stepper buttons certainly are!
  • Added Mac support.
  • Added a FAQ as folks seem to have many questions on the diet.
  • Added a popup when your app is updated to inform you of the changes.
  • Added buttons to control the date.
  • Added haptic feedback (you can now feel button presses) for a bit more confirmation of your actions.
  • Added logic to seamlessly move you to a new day overnight.
  • Improved some graphics – menu button, title, menu item icons, food group icons, Made in Vermont logo.
  • Added some easter eggs.

I still have a week or two of features I’d like to add or consider, but eventually this thing will be complete. Will anyone use it? Hard to say. We’re still in the double digit number of downloads, that rate isn’t increasing, and without marketing, it won’t. Alas, the app was made for me and I am pleased. It has been an awesome learning experience and the result far exceeds my expectations.

If you are one of the few who have been using the app, THANK YOU! I’d love to hear your feedback! You know how to reach me.