Episode 2 is behind us. Today began Episode 3 and tomorrow is the final rest day of the tour.

The body is feeling way better than expected. Am I tired? Sure. Am I able to put up personal best numbers just about every day? Somehow, yes. I do have my on days and off days, but I think they’re mostly on.

After two bad days, one of which was truly terrible – numbers were way off, I did question my body and the intelligence of going on, but my team and even competitors urged me to try the next day and I raced really well… so that’s cool.

After racing with the same people (more or less; we can change time zones, but it’s generally the same folks) for two weeks, there’s an incredible camaraderie forming. We’ll help rescue one another, bridge gaps for each other, lead out for sprints. We’re competing, but really friendly. It’s cool.

The stats on this episode:

  • 192.22 miles
  • 16,866 feet climbed
  • 5th place all-around (3rd for the entire tour)
  • 5th place sprinting (5th for entire tour)
  • 5th place climbing (4th for entire tour)
  • 1 pound lost

I had a great opening to Episode 2 this morning and I have a feeling the 2nd place overall person will receive an upgrade because their classification score is actually at the maximum of the level above mine… Seems reasonable I don’t compete with them.

Anyway, this thing has been awesome. My fitness is through the roof, my performance has been unexpectedly great, and my CS has climbed to near the limit of my class! If you’re following, I went from 61st percentile to 78th percentile to OH CRAP 100.4th percentile after today (was just under 100 at end of E02). You need to be at 110% to get an in-tour upgrade so I’m at no risk, but that also means I’m going to be struggling in the next tour when I do get that upgrade.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in early March so super stoked to get outside in the next month or so and see how it translates.

Six days remaining!