On Thursday evening we decided we needed to get away. The options within reasonable driving distance are fairly limited, but we settled on CANADA this time. You should see the kids’ passport photos. So ridiculously cute.

We swiftly booked a pretty sweet (minus poor maintenance and trendy budget finishes [think: design by Wayfair]) 2-bedroom hotel room for relatively cheap, finished up gymnastics class on Saturday morning, and made the drive. It’s roughly 2.5 hours from home, but with two toddlers, that’s 4.

We had a great time. Met up with some friends, did a ton of walking, ate a bunch of food we’ve not been having access to, did an indoor zoo, had great coffee, spent a lot of time scrubbing orange nail polish off an entertainment center, made a bunch of French-speaking kid friends at the park, and decided we need to get up there far more often.