Big girl alert! Since my 3.5 year post you’ve become a bit (a super small bit…) better at getting in bed, but now join us between the hours of 1 and 6 depending on when your bladder says it’s time (hurray we finally lost pull-ups at night!).

In addition to that milestone, you learned to ride a pedal bike (without training wheels) about a month before your birthday, are already an expert and too fast for your 14” bike (and just got a super rad 16″ at your party).

When not riding around like a maniac you love jumping off everything, mushroom and black olive pizza, ice cream, and spending time with Grandma across the street.

We’re still working on letters, but you’ve got your name pretty dialed in. You’re welcome for a short one. You’re absolutely loving swim class and gymnastics and we’re just about to begin ballet!?

You and your sister properly play together a lot of the time now, which is super fun to see. You’re both pretty terrible at sharing and shoving and screaming is usually the outcome of that, but it’s good to have things to work on.

You recently got your passport and visited Montreal! You and I made daddy/daughter trip to NC to see my family, and we all went to DC just a few weeks ago. You’re a world traveler.

Stay squeezable.