I am Mike.
I was born in Philadelphia, PA and lived there until 1985. I do not like the Eagles.
I lived in Northern Virginia from 1985 – 2013. I do like the Commanders.
I lived in Portland, OR from 2013 – 2022. I like the Blazers.
I have lived smack dab in the middle of Vermont since 2022. I like the Celtics and Red Sox.
I grew up playing sports and computers. I went pro in computers.
I’ve been married twice.
My mom died way too young.
I have two beautiful children who get it from their mom.
I ride bikes, prefer a not too hoppy beer, snob out about coffee, work, and take care of the kids.
In a past life I played a lot of video games, watched a lot of movies, and instructed high performance driving. I used to run too, but… age.