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  • Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Fin

    Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Fin

    It has ended. A slight delay in the final report as I catch my breath and we deal with unreliable daycare, but I digress. This thing was hard. I came in wholly undertrained and left putting out my best numbers ever. I am tired. I’m jumping straight into another racing series, but it’s weekly so […]

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  • Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Triquetra E02

    Episode 2 is behind us. Today began Episode 3 and tomorrow is the final rest day of the tour. The body is feeling way better than expected. Am I tired? Sure. Am I able to put up personal best numbers just about every day? Somehow, yes. I do have my on days and off days, […]

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  • Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Triquetra E01

    That’s a mouthful. The short of it is I’m tackling a 21 stage virtual cycling series. It lasts all month with two days off and is killing me, but also making me strong like bull. I’m certain to be burnt out before setting foot outside for the year. We just completed our first nine days, […]

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  • Ride: Circus Ride

    Ride: Circus Ride

    A local route steeped in history. I was without a bike or much fitness after moving last year so this was the first opportunity I had at it. It was a tough one, but it was a glorious one. 100% redeemed my Overland ride. The flooding from the past year had washed pretty much all […]

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  • Race: Vermont Overland 2023

    Race: Vermont Overland 2023

    Woof. That’s over with. This year, against logic, Rebecca and I hung our training on a single race. For her, it worked out. She had a good time, put in a nice constant effort, felt fine, and finished with a smile on her face. This was her first ever bike race and she slayed it. […]

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  • The real training starts now

    Base training, where I build a foundation for harder training, is over. It began with a [failed] experiment with ChatGPT, resulted in some outstanding gains, and then life threw in a bunch of inconsistency to plateau progress. The ChatGPT Failure In the first week with my fancy AI generated plan, I came to the realization […]

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