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  • On Fancy Yog(h)urt

    THIS WAS WRITTEN 7 YEARS AGO. I AM CLEANING UP OLD POST DRAFTS. I DON’T KNOW WHY I DIDN’T POST THIS. I’ve gone ahead and updated links, which was interesting because so many of these brands have changed hands since that time. Only minor edits and fixes made. I’ve compiled the following list of yogurts […]

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  • The Leadville Diet

    I’m 6’2. My body likes to be right around 172lbs. At my heaviest, I was in the mid-180s. I was super soft, but that was like a decade ago and it’s okay. For two years now, I’ve set a goal of getting to 162 before Leadville. The number was somewhat arbitrary, but it turns out […]

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  • Eating better

    We already ate pretty darned well – hard not to in Portland where everything is about organic and local, and we live down the block from Whole Foods. We don’t do many processed foods and don’t eat too many calories, but I’ve always felt we could stand to put more fresh stuff into our┬ábodies. I […]

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