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  • Mia, 4 Years

    Mia, 4 Years

    Big girl alert! Since my 3.5 year post you’ve become a bit (a super small bit…) better at getting in bed, but now join us between the hours of 1 and 6 depending on when your bladder says it’s time (hurray we finally lost pull-ups at night!). In addition to that milestone, you learned to […]

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  • Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Fin

    Flamme Rouge: World Tour – Fin

    It has ended. A slight delay in the final report as I catch my breath and we deal with unreliable daycare, but I digress. This thing was hard. I came in wholly undertrained and left putting out my best numbers ever. I am tired. I’m jumping straight into another racing series, but it’s weekly so […]

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  • Book: The Manager’s Path

    Early in my job hunt, I came across a “local” role as a Quality Manager. It was advertised as still involving some IC work so it seemed like a great way to test the waters of management. Ultimately I wasn’t selected for lack of management experience, but it did get me thinking about my journey, […]

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  • One Day Diet, one week later

    Last week, I published my first app. I had spent about five hours on it. It worked, but usability was poor, and functionality was limited, but I really only intended it for my own use. Well, a few people have used it, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Since release, it has more or […]

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  • I’m on the App Store!

    I’m on the App Store!

    Quick link to the App Store in case you don’t want to read. Background Many, many years ago (5? 6? Yeah, 5) I “invented” a points-based diet based on one I found in Racing Weight. For a year or two, when I followed it, I printed out a spreadsheet and tracked via paper. It worked, […]

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  • 2023 Year In Review

    2023 Year In Review

    A relatively stable one! We stayed in one home, didn’t spawn any more children, and I almost held a job through the year. Much of the year was spent in typical “parenting toddler” auto-pilot. Wake up at the crack of dawn, get them to school, work our butts off until pickup time, have dinner, put […]

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