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  • Mia, 3.5 Years

    Mia, 3.5 Years

    Mia, bia, bia. You are adventurous, happy to jump off of anything, love a good wave pool, are super picky and a pain in the butt to get to bed, are getting pretty good on your big strider, are an excellent leader, love to garden and “water” (pee, daily, in the yard) plants. We love […]

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  • Bryn, 18 months

    Bryn, 18 months

    What they say is true – every child is different. While they have their similarities and get along splendidly, these girls are so different. Bryn is an independent woman. I won’t make a blanket statement like “that’s a second child for you” because my sister would get mad at me. She doesn’t need our attention […]

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  • Bryn, 15 Months

    Bryn, 15 Months

    We are walking, we are running, we are talking (single words, but dozens of them), we are singing, we are climbing, we are joking, we are playing, we are sleeping well. We had a long run where the bath was evil, but I think that has ended. Phew! Her latest trick is to steal a […]

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  • Mia, Year 3

    We have a big girl on our hands. The first five characteristics that come to mind when thinking of Mia: I could write for days, but I’m going to keep it short. We’re so lucky to call this one ours. 2.5 year post here if you want to see pics from start to end of […]

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  • Bryn, 1 Year

    Happy birthday, little one! We had a small celebration with cupcakes (she ate the frosting off of four) and phone calls yesterday with the “big” party planned for the weekend. Very fun to compare this post with Mia’s (which had some text injected into it by some vulnerability? Ack. Concerned for other posts…). Bryn is also […]

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  • Bryn, 11 Months

    This month Bryn stood for about two seconds, but hasn’t repeated it (luck/chance), has become a stair climbing and descending pro (her sister never figured out the backwards scoot down), can reliably say “mama” and “cat,” enjoys walker type things, received her first haircut (thanks, Dad!) and wants to climb up everything all the time.

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