• Book: The Manager’s Path

    Early in my job hunt, I came across a “local” role as a Quality Manager. It was advertised as still involving some IC work so it seemed like a great way to test the waters of management. Ultimately I wasn’t selected for lack of management experience, but it did get me thinking about my journey, […]

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  • One Day Diet, one week later

    Last week, I published my first app. I had spent about five hours on it. It worked, but usability was poor, and functionality was limited, but I really only intended it for my own use. Well, a few people have used it, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Since release, it has more or […]

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  • Bryn, 1.75 Years

    Bryn, 1.75 Years

    Over this period Bryn’s speech has really taken off. She’s forming sentences and making sense most of the time. Mia was very advanced in her speech at this age so we were really concerned (I mean, not really) if Bryn were behind her, but she’s met and maybe even exceeded. Feels good. She runs everywhere, […]

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  • I’m on the App Store!

    I’m on the App Store!

    Quick link to the App Store in case you don’t want to read. Background Many, many years ago (5? 6? Yeah, 5) I “invented” a points-based diet based on one I found in Racing Weight. For a year or two, when I followed it, I printed out a spreadsheet and tracked via paper. It worked, […]

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  • QA Links

    QA Links

    For a long time I’ve maintained a curated list of links related to my work in a Google Doc. I’d share it when someone asked, but it wasn’t particularly discoverable and couldn’t easily be contributed to by others. Today I migrated it to an Awesome List over on Github 🚀 I’ll be cleaning it up […]

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  • 2023 Year In Review

    2023 Year In Review

    A relatively stable one! We stayed in one home, didn’t spawn any more children, and I almost held a job through the year. Much of the year was spent in typical “parenting toddler” auto-pilot. Wake up at the crack of dawn, get them to school, work our butts off until pickup time, have dinner, put […]

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