• Race: Vermont Overland 2023

    Race: Vermont Overland 2023

    Woof. That’s over with. This year, against logic, Rebecca and I hung our training on a single race. For her, it worked out. She had a good time, put in a nice constant effort, felt fine, and finished with a smile on her face. This was her first ever bike race and she slayed it. […]

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  • Bryn, 15 Months

    Bryn, 15 Months

    We are walking, we are running, we are talking (single words, but dozens of them), we are singing, we are climbing, we are joking, we are playing, we are sleeping well. We had a long run where the bath was evil, but I think that has ended. Phew! Her latest trick is to steal a […]

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  • The real training starts now

    Base training, where I build a foundation for harder training, is over. It began with a [failed] experiment with ChatGPT, resulted in some outstanding gains, and then life threw in a bunch of inconsistency to plateau progress. The ChatGPT Failure In the first week with my fancy AI generated plan, I came to the realization […]

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  • Long Weekend in DC w/ Mia

    Mia and I went down to DC for the Race for Hope. This was our first attendance since she was born/Covid. Always a wonderful event. Flying was cake, we stayed with a friend, and got to see/meet so many folks and have so much fun. Sleep was an issue for her as this was a […]

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  • Mia, Year 3

    We have a big girl on our hands. The first five characteristics that come to mind when thinking of Mia: I could write for days, but I’m going to keep it short. We’re so lucky to call this one ours. 2.5 year post here if you want to see pics from start to end of […]

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  • ChatGPT, my AI Cycling Coach

    AI is awesome. No, AI is terrible. Whatever it is, it is powerful and I enjoy playing with it. No, I’m not about to hop on the bandwagon and shift my career to it; I was forced to re-path my career two months ago and I’m just beginning to feel settled. I digress. August 26. […]

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