• Walk+Bike+Roll Randolph

    Walk+Bike+Roll Randolph

    Being a huge supporter of multimodal transportation, quickly upon moving to Vermont I became involved in our town’s organization on the subject. The group is still in its infancy, but we’re now online! This post is mostly to announce my participation and the fact I created the site. Yay! I’m by no means leading the […]

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  • Mia and Daddy do NC

    Mia and Daddy do NC

    Perhaps the day I left my job, an idea dawned on me. I can travel! There’s a $49 direct fare from New Haven, CT, to Wilmington, NC (where my family is), via Avelo that it turns out is awesome. The 3-hour drive is less than ideal, and you have to pay for parking, but the […]

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  • Mia, 3.5 Years

    Mia, 3.5 Years

    Mia, bia, bia. You are adventurous, happy to jump off of anything, love a good wave pool, are super picky and a pain in the butt to get to bed, are getting pretty good on your big strider, are an excellent leader, love to garden and “water” (pee, daily, in the yard) plants. We love […]

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  • And a new design!

    I believe the previous design of the site was around 15 years old. It wasn’t responsive (didn’t work very well on mobile) and was so outdated it couldn’t use a lot of the new tools and tricks available to me. I’m pleased. It retains enough of the old design (general color, minimalism, font style) while […]

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  • New Web Host!

    After 25 years, my existing web host got funny with the billing and wanted to increase the rate 400%. I worked with a support tech for quite some time as they repeatedly took five minutes to chat with their supervisor only to return with a 5% decrease. Ultimately they came down about 30%, but not […]

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  • Ride: Circus Ride

    Ride: Circus Ride

    A local route steeped in history. I was without a bike or much fitness after moving last year so this was the first opportunity I had at it. It was a tough one, but it was a glorious one. 100% redeemed my Overland ride. The flooding from the past year had washed pretty much all […]

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