While it may not look like much, I’ve already invested far more time than I had hoped to make this transition, and there are many items yet to address.

The site is running WordPress, which provides a well-used blogging framework so there is a ton of support out there and even an app to allow posting from mobile devices (writing from the iPad now).

The theme I’ve chosen is Chameleon from Elegant Themes. I’ve done quite a bit of hacking of this for-purchase theme at this point. Mostly to remove bells and whistles, which are likely what I had paid for. Oh well, I like where the design is heading and the back-end is proving nicely hackable; a characteristic lacking from most free themes.

I do want to do something different with the site header. Perhaps go back to rotating images from my travels as I had on the old design, but with photos more recent than 2007.

Color and spacing-wise, I’m pretty pleased for now.

The bulk of the remaining work is migrating over static pages (actually pretty easy), and figuring out what I’ll be doing for image hosting.

If you have any thoughts or spy any bugs (I know there is a display issue on phones), please let me know!