Days 12, and 3 also available.

Not much to report today, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Swelling has continued to go down more and more. I did some pretty serious cleaning of the wounds yesterday and am amazed at how well things seem to be going.

My reach-out to the racing list put me in touch with one of the folks who first responded so it was great to be able to thank her.

Finally unpacked my bag from the hospital and took a look at my helmet. While it doesn’t look like much, it’s likely I wouldn’t be typing this if it weren’t for that small dent and crack seen below. Hurray for helmets! I got about 4 years out of this baby so I was kind of itching for something new (there’s a lot of new tech out there). Now I’m forced to upgrade!

It’s amazing how much the healing process drains you. I guess it has been a few years since I needed any extensive healing, but damn, I don’t remember being so tired! Falling asleep on the couch is not me. I’m really struggling to make it through the day. Interestingly, I watched a cycling documentary (on Netflix – decent watch for a cycling film) and they touched on the subject. Made me feel like less of a baby if the pros recognize it too.

Never underestimate the power of being able to blow your nose. I wasn’t able to blow or get into mine until yesterday. The amount of garbage up there felt awful. Finally clearing it out was life changing. Heather suggested one of those baster-type things that sucks stuff out of them, but helllllll no.

To close, Heather has continued to be a rock star. She made a dutch baby the other day. I didn’t even know they existed, but pretty sure it might be my favorite thing in the world.