imac-5k-config-hero-201505Went out to “buy apples” this morning and returned home with a new 27″ iMac. Needless to say, Heather was pretty shocked.

I’ve always relied on whatever work has supplied me and it has sufficed, but I’ve never been able to be perfectly happy with whatever solution it was – hard drive too small, graphics card too crappy, monitor getting long in the tooth, etc. No more.

We’ve now got a blazing fast machine with an amazing screen and plenty of storage. Once I couple it with some cloud backup, we’ll be set for quite a few years. An added bonus is that this thing has a single wire. My desk is greatly decluttered – no monitor cable and power, no external speakers (the built-ins will win no awards, but they may prove good enough).

I bought the top-of-the-line prebuilt machine. Anything else would have had a wait time and it’s really difficult to pay the premium that Apple attaches to any sort of custom upgrade. I’ll likely toss in another 8GB RAM at some point, but I’ve yet to see any compelling data saying that I must do it now even though it’ll only run $40 (versus the $200 Apple would have charged).

Happy splurging New Year to us!