A little late on this one (only by a touch over a week!), but I’m not going to start missing these now. Bad precedent. Luckily, they’ll get shorter on words.

This month Mia began cooing, smiling, laughing, and deciding to be an amazing baby at all times (sleeping 8+ hour stretches at night!) other than 6pm to 9pm every night, when she prefers to scream inconsolably.

She loves the bath, sucking on her arms, is enthralled with the cats, and is getting SO BIG (75th percentile height and weight – a solid combination). We practice tummy time at all opportunities and are monitoring some developing flat spots on the back left of her head. She’s also got a really long buttcrack, which does wonders for blowouts. Yeah, poop has run down my leg already.

Returning to work has been a challenge and I believe COVID has only made it harder; we can’t have any help and are more or less stuck in the house (only so much walking we can handle, which is between 1-2 hours each per day). I’m nowhere near 100% productivity, but I suppose we’re all in that same boat. Luckily, my company gets it and aside from one emergency work all weekend (since made up to us with time off), nobody has been pushing.

We didn’t get out a ton this month, but did head to Hood River to pick some cherries on afternoon. She couldn’t have cared less, but it felt good for us.

Mom is recovering pretty well (there were some minor setbacks) and she’s able to walk 1-2 miles per day and bike as much as she wants. This coming month may even see her jog! We definitely need to get back to hiking too – did it in the first month, but didn’t find time in the second (I blame a bunch of contractor type stuff occurring and us prepping my condo for sale).

We’re heading into the woods this month to spend a weekend in what amounts to a tiny house. Wish us luck!