Up and down and up and down. What a fun month! Mia is interactive a whole bunch more with smiles and coos, we focused the heck out of tummy time, she’s noticing the world around her, and while still have trouble getting to sleep a lot of nights, is sleeping 10-12 hours straight. She also spent some time in the pool and looooves bath time, especially when her Otteroo is involved. Yes, she also has family and friend flashcards so she can learn faces of those she can’t meet.

Our big adventure this month was a long weekend spent at a Getaway.house. A remote cabin version of a tiny house. We got in some very light hiking, enjoyed some s’mores, and overall fared very well (we survived). We’re very glad we waited until this time to go do something like this because even a week earlier she wasn’t paying attention to the world like she is now. She’s amazed by trees, which was fun to watch.

This coming month we hope to spend a remote remote week out of town (I’ll work), but we’re having trouble finding anything suitable (<$200/night, on coast, child friendly [detached]). Mom will be going back to work, which is a sin, but one benefit of COVID is that we’ll be doing a nanny share in which she’ll be working from the shared house; we’ll be a lot more connected to Mia during the day.