It has ended. A slight delay in the final report as I catch my breath and we deal with unreliable daycare, but I digress.

This thing was hard. I came in wholly undertrained and left putting out my best numbers ever. I am tired. I’m jumping straight into another racing series, but it’s weekly so I will survive. Unfortunately, my “scores” from this event land me at the tail end of a much faster category. There’s going to be a lot of dropped/solo riding.

Big thanks to the family for permitting the time to get this thing done. A daily 1-2 hours doesn’t always fit well, but we made it happen.

Will I do another three week? Probably not. One week? Sure. I will, however, be upgraded a category next time. Since we had already been racing with that category and I was pulling wins and podiums here and there, it should be fine.

The Stats

3 weeks, 577 miles, 36709 feet, 2 batches of cookies, 2 cakes, 2 bags of gummy bears, 63 scoops of SiS recovery drink, 1 Guinness. 

The Placings

🥇 combined (time, sprinting, climbing)
🥇 climbing
5th sprinting

The Improvements
(under heavy fatigue)

15-sec power: 9.9w/kg -> 10.7
30-sec power: 8.6w/kg -> 9.0
1-min power: 6.2w/kg -> 6.8
5-min power: 4.5w/kg -> 4.7 
20-min power: 3.9w/kg -> 4.3 (PR)
FTP: 295 -> 325 (PR)
Weight: 175 -> 175