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All went swimmingly with the plastic surgeon yesterday. She was pretty pumped/amazed at the progress. My lips look symmetrical, no signs of anything pulling, and she has no concerns about scarring. I have no idea how she can claim this with a scab still covering the goods, but it has me feeling a bit more hopeful. She also took a look at the drainage from my leg and said it was normal; probably had a little abscess that collected fluid and it needed to get out eventually.

I was able to wrap my top lip around some food on my fork at lunch… Nice to not risk dropping every damned thing I eat. Hey, it’s the little things.

Due to scheduling I can’t get my teeth repaired for another two weeks, but no big deal.

It does look like I’ll be able to get a warranty replacement on my lenses. Thank goodness for opting for anti-glare protection. Apparently that gets you a scratch warranty too. They know I hit the ground as opposed to getting the scratches out of thin air so I’m not pulling any sort of fast one. Awesome stuff because based on the price of new lenses I’d have left the scratches until I was due for new lenses via insurance in February. Now I can get the new contact prescription I so desperately need instead. Did you know contact prescriptions expire? Terrible “consumer protection.” I don’t care if they’re not perfect; I wear them a few times a year… Just let me order some cheap ones online!

Lots of scabbing came off yesterday. As you can see, no more band-aid to keep my glasses off a wound. Tip of nose came off quite a bit and right chin on has a tiny speck left. Has some light scarring there, but shallow enough that I think it’ll fill out with time.With any luck I’ll be able to shave the beard this week!

Face face face